Far along: Thursday July 12, 2012: 38 weeks

Food aversions: None.

Food indulgences: Yep, still fruit.

Doctors appointments: High Risk MFM appointment x 1, Regular OB x 1, Non Stress Tests x 4 and our first time stepping foot in the labor and delivery ward for an external cephalic version x1.  Cervix is still only a finger tip dilated, there have been no contractions and his arse isn’t engaged in my pelvis whatsoever.

I’m still breech after the ECV FAIL coupled the gestational diabeetus that recommends delivery no later than your due date, my OB and the high risk MFM agreed that 39 weeks is plenty enough cooking time for us and so as long as I don’t go into labor before hand, we have been officially scheduled for a C-Section next Friday 7/20 at 12pm.

My body, yep, it’s still an asshole.  Got another new thing to add to my list of physical gripes…post the epic version FAIL-my blood pressure sky rocketed to 189/99.  This impressed no one and got me all sorts of extra blood tests run for pre eclampsia and infections as well as a bunch of ADDITIONAL monitoring and my first stint on ordered bed rest.

Things purchased for the baby: I have completed my registry and now have on property, or in the process of being shipped, the remainder of the big things and tiny little necessities needed to bring a baby home.

Milestones:  If there were a need to house a newborn under my roof right now, I could do so.