Far along: Thursday June 21, 2012: 35 weeks

Food aversions: None.

Food indulgences: Still fruit.  I love fruit.  I hate Diabeetus.

Doctors appointments: Regular OB x 1, Non Stress Tests x 2.  Rho Gam shot because I am rh negative and hubby is rh+, I’m group strep b negative, my cervix is a finger tip dilated and this baby is still friggin breech.  3% of pregnant woman have breech babies, apparently even slightly more rare on the first one-which is why I’m not shocked to be splashing about in this pool.  The discussions have begun about scheduling an ECV in order to at least give me a shot at experiencing labor rather than being forced into a scheduled C Section because of his breech positioning.

Most anxious moment:  Still struggling with his less than 10 kicks in a 2 hour time block-sometimes I might only get 2 or 3 moves in 2 hours.  Then I lay there and wonder if there are rules to how this works?  Can i poke at him or shake him all about to wake him up?  If I do, do I get to count those movements or is that cheating?  Then I play the should I call my nurse and ask her this game for another 30 minutes before I break down and call.  Does everyone else’s baby really move no less than 10 times within 2 hours????

My body, yep, it’s still an asshole and now along with the diabeetus, heart burn, acid reflux, right side inguinal hernia and Restless Leg Syndrome I now also have acquired this horrible numbness and pins and needles in BOTH of my friggin hands.  Awesome.  Typing, driving, holding things, trying to find a position of comfort or get in and out of the bed, bath or car without bending my wrists or using my hands to move this huge body of mine, picking things up…forget about it the list is long and lousy.  Carpal tunnel syndrome sucks dirty sweaty ballzac.  My golden retriever has never been happier-and will gain who knows how much weight over the next 4 weeks as I drop half the stuff im trying to eat or cook on the floor and am too fat and slow and incapacitated by my hernia to do anything about it.

Things purchased for the baby: Not much purchasing, more like returning and exchanging right now.

Milestones: To my knowledge, there are no more blood tests to be run on me before giving birth.  I am actually thinking about maybe putting things in a bag that I would need for a hospital stay and just the other day i opened the bag and looked at the breast pump for probably 2 whole minutes.