While cursed by infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss, I have been blessed because I have met women along this journey that I now can’t imagine my life without!  I was lucky enough to have some of those women attend my shower, for my baby (never ever thought I would ever get to write or say that) along with other friends and family.

Christine I can’t thank you enough-you took on the ridiculous task of trying to throw a baby shower for a woman who had far too many years to dream of what hers would be like-and all while starting a new job, and leaving your little man behind for the weekend and having to drive 7 hours one way in order to so-i love you.

Jaq-in the midst of a never ending pregnancy miscarriage nightmare # 9 you drove 4 hours one way  (to attend a BABY shower) and then proceeded to work like a slave to help pull together all of the finishing touches.  I am so lucky for your love and support!!