Far along: Thursday April 26, 2012: 27 weeks

Food aversions: None.

Food indulgences: Frosted Mini Wheats

Doctors appointments: We had a growth scan on the 18th-which was a complete information bust as the tech wouldn’t give me any measurements or ultrasound images for that matter.  My high risk doc wasn’t able to be there to look over the results so I am actually still waiting for the full information aside from the far to vague for my liking “he looks good!”

She did try to get a 3d image of your face, but you were extremely uncooperative and instead would roll and present us your heiney and ummm manly bits.

 I do however know that my cervix is nice and long and closed-measuring in at almost 4.8cm-and not because anyone told me but because she only took one measurement so there were no averages and I knew what were were looking at.  Other than that, just the usual monitoring for the gestational diabeetus.

Most memorable moment: Finally settling on the base wall color for your room…

Most anxious moment: I think you have finally established some sleeping patterns as all of your crazy town activities in there must be finally wearing you out.  Or at least that’s what I’m telling myself when there are the 3+ hour long time frames that I can go without feeling anything from you.  Wish you would be better about picking those nap times-as the one you did the morning before the growth scan nearly caused me to break down in tears in the lobby while waiting.

Things purchased for the baby: More nursery stuff.  The purchasing never seems to end!!!  Curtain rods, curtains rings, paint, area rug, canvases for the wall art etc…the list is so very long and so never ending!

Milestones:  We are in our LAST week of the 2nd trimester, with only 90 something days left till your due date.