Far along: Thursday April , 2012: 24 weeks

Food aversions: None.

Food indulgences: An occasional bowl of cereal

Doctors appointments: It’s been a pretty quiet few weeks, aside from the basic routine appointments for my diabeetus and a regular OB appointment which is nothing I can’t do at home myself (check BP, weight, listen to the baby with the doppler and measure my belly) there has been nothing else.

Most memorable moment: As a sign of viability this morning you gave poor little Isla (who was snuggled up sleeping peacefully against my belly) a nice hard kick to her ear-equally shocking her awake and confusing her. Whilst she looked about trying to figure out what the heck just happened, I looked down with pure amazement as I SAW (for the first time) my baby bump moving to accommodate your punching and kicking. Unbelievable.

Most anxious moment: Things have been arriving in the mail and via UPS this past week-notably on the same day your crib bedding, crib (which is still in the box and hidden in the garage) and a package from Alison that had a few gifts for your room arrived. As I began unpacking the boxes I became panic stricken as I wondered how I would return all of this stuff if things go wrong. So once I safely stored all of the boxes and return receipts, I quickly ran down stairs and grabbed the doppler to make sure you were still alive in there. It’s the first time I’ve used that thing in over a month because you are always so active I don’t really need it-but man the doppler was a sanity saver for sure because you weren’t moving a muscle in there!

Things purchased for the baby: I think at this stage it’s be easier to list what we haven’t purchased! We wanted to have the first article of clothing that came into this house for you, to be from us, so have no fear you won’t be naked if we get to keep you-you now have 2 outfits!

One that I picked out:

and one that your dad picked out:

We are slowly wrapping up the remaining purchases we need for your nursery-here’s a little sneak peak of what’s going on in there:

With the hope that we can have it mostly complete in time for THE SHOWER!! Yes, there will be one of those! And yes, I’ve even started registries. Crazy, but apparently necessary.

Milestones:  We are far enough along now that there is up to a 70% chance if you were born today that you would survive.  Three more weeks and that jumps up to 90%!  While nothing will make me 100% confident that I get to keep you until you are in my arms safe and sound-hitting these viability milestones is beginning to make me feel like there is a better chance of keeping you than losing you.  Which is a whole new thing for me!