His brain is perfect. His spine and spinal cord are perfect.  His heart is perfect.  All of his organs are perfect.  His placenta is perfect both in function and attachment site.  My cervix is long and closed. His umbilical cord blood flow is perfect.  The amniotic fluid level is perfect.  He is measuring 3 days ahead at 18.4weeks.  He has everything exactly as it should be.

So now he’s in timeout until he’s 30 for all the trouble he’s caused!

I’m going to have to be monitored every 2 weeks from here on out to make sure they aren’t missing anything due not having a pregnancy with a NTD and no current placental issues so they aren’t sure why I have elevated AFP levels.  Between that and the diabeetus-the feeling is they would rather be safe than sorry.

I think we can all agree to that plan.