Far along: Thursday January 19th, 13 weeks.

Food aversions: None, same likes and dislikes as last week-nothing too crazy.

Food indulgences: Still sticking with the olives, yogurt and mineola oranges-not all at the same time but they are all pretty much on my mind at some point in the day.

Doctors appointments: Monday January 23rd at 13 weeks and 4 days I went in for an ultrasound to measure my cervical length to ensure I don’t have a incompetent cervix and also to get a nice detailed look at your brain due to the massive MFM fail 2 weeks ago. You looked perfect and you currently have my nose:

and my cervix was within normal length-so all around another good appointment.

Most memorable moment: Seeing the nurse on my way in to the ultrasound and her saying “omigosh! you definitely have a little baby bump going on now!”  And she’s right.  Ain’t no denying that.  I can’t suck it in down there any more.

Most anxious moment:  A week without one.  What?  Did I just type that?  Yep.  Nice anxious-less week finally!

Things purchased for the baby: Nothing.  I also feel like a loser typing that-mostly because I know there is a ton of stuff I would be purchasing now that we are out of the first trimester if I were normal but due to my damage- you get nothing.

Milestones: Week 13 is complete, I’m still pregnant and according to this doppler you’re still alive-so we are on our way to being the most pregnant I’ve ever been if you keep this up!