I won’t lie I was really beginning to get worried.  There wasn’t a high risk  MFM doc, OB or nurse that I had encountered over the past 6 weeks that I didn’t hate.  And it wasn’t basic hate, it was hate based out of fear.  Fear that they weren’t paying attention to the details and thus would eventually let something important just slip by that in the end would be a contributing factor to me losing this pregnancy.

My fear is that they simply have no vested interest in keeping me pregnant to ensure that I get to keep this one.  Because  at the end of their day no matter what happens to me, they drive home to their house filled with babies and children.  They won’t be forced to live a childless life if I don’t stay pregnant.

My gamble on going back to the OB who did my D&E with Ava 2 years ago paid off big.  She had not only read my file, but had also reviewed the notes her nurse took when I met with her last week-BEFORE she walked into the room with me.

Say what?


Get the eff out.

Nope.  True story.

She came in knowing everything-except what had transpired at the crap ass nuchal appointment on friday-and was clearly not impressed when I filled her in.

We talked, she asked questions, I asked questions, I posed scary scenarios that I think in my head, she went along with scary scenarios and came up with solutions that would debunk the scary scenarios and in the end I walked out of there with….

# 1. A bandaid on my arm from the Rho Gam shot because I have been bleeding all through out this pregnancy and am RH- while hubby is RH+ so apparently I should have had this shot back in November BUT NO ONE PICKED UP ON THAT AT THE FANCY SCHMANCY HIGH RISK PLACE.

# 2. 6 booked appointments over the next 4 weeks to check my cervix to ensure it isn’t incompetent and for the Triple Screen to detect NTD’s.

# 3. An RX for Lovenox that will get me through 27 more weeks of pregnancy because as she so succinctly stated “I have no interest in taking you off Lovenox at all, why mess with what is clearly WORKING?”

# 4. A bottle of glucola for the 1 hr glucose test I will be taking  at 16 weeks due to being on steroids for the last 4 months she wants to rule out an early on set of gestational diabetes.

# 5. (And most important) A general sense that this woman actually gives a shit.

The downside to all of this (of course there’s a downside, there always is), and the reason why I didn’t just booked with this OB in the first place-If I make it all the way to delivery, and have a natural delivery, chances are roughly 20% that for delivery I will get the OB in this practice who I despise for really doing me wrong on three separate occasions during my pregnancy with Ava.  I don’t trust her, her opinion and definitely hate her.

The upside? I am hoping that if I get that far, I can convince my OB that after 38 week of gestating this baby in my body (that I clearly just don’t trust) that it’s probably FAR better for everyone involved that the baby be OUTSIDE rather than in.  So maybe she will be amenable to making a schedule (based on her on-call shift) to take me off of the lovenox and then bring me in 24 hours later  to be induced.

One can only hope.