Far along: Thursday January 12th, 12 weeks.  You are roughly the size of a small lime and just a touch over 2 inches long right now.

Food aversions: None really, but definitely have a preference of types of foods during the day-especially morning.  I have found that first thing in the morning I crave yogurt and oranges.  I can eat other things but no other food seems to satisfy if it’s not a cup of yogurt and a Mineola Orange.

Food indulgences: Olives.  WTF.  I’ve heard of pickles-but Olives?  And not even the kalamata olives that I’ve always loved, I’m currently in love with the green ones stuffed with pimento.

Doctors appointments: The Nuchal shit show was at 12 weeks 1 day which made me VERY sure I wanted nothing to do with that MFM.  Then my first prenatal OB appointment was at 12 weeks 5 days at my local hospital.  You looked good at the Nuchal, and you sounded good at the OB appointment and since the OB actually seemed to care about you-we’re hoping she gets to assist me in bringing you into this world (would be great if you would stick around long enough for that to happen)!

Most memorable moment: Seeing you at 12 weeks and being in awe at how much you have developed from the space suit wearing moon walkin baby at 9 weeks to a little man who has brain parts, ribs, fingers, toes and discernible face features.  In that same day, we also told Grams about you.  Your dad and I secretly hope you will arrive on her birthday giving her not only something to live for, but the best birthday present ever!

Most anxious moment:  Realizing that the high risk doctor was completely unorganized and absolutely incapable of offering the care we deserve.

Things purchased for the baby:  Christine sent you another charm for your bracelet to mark your 12 week scan.  The charm is called “inner peace”:

Wish I had more of that!!!  After your 12 week ultrasound I caught your dad in Baby Gap looking through all of the little boy clothes-and especially this onesie:

Which oddly enough, prior to running to the bathroom while your dad was in the dressing room, I had picked that same onesie up and walked over to the register to buy it-but then had a panic attack so I had to put it back.  All I can say is I tried.

Milestones:  We’ve made it through the first trimester and now I have begun to have not only all day long sickness, but insanely sore boobs.  I am beginning to believe you didn’t read the book “what to expect while you are expecting” before taking up residence in my uterus-you seem to be a little off with your timing.