Far along: Thursday January 5th, 11 weeks.

Food aversions: None yet.

Food indulgences: Just the usual.

Doctors appointments: None for you this week, but after spiking a fever of 102 (at 11 weeks 5 days preggo) even though I had just spent 4 days in bed nursing what I thought to be a cold with tylenol (does that crap work for anyone??!! man i could eat those like pez and they do nothing)…I pulled out the “I’m pregnant and I have a fever” card on my primary doctor which got me seen 2 hours later.  Yep, not a cold.  Absolutely a nasty sinus and ear infection.

Most memorable moment: Nothing new or exciting this week to report-just really like listening to you on the doppler.  You are so active in there its nuts!  I can go from getting a nice loud rhythm to nothing and then a few seconds later-bam you’re back again.  Glad you are showing that UOD of mine you could care less about it and instead are clearly partying your little 2 inch hiney off in there.

Most anxious moment: Another lovely bleed.  I promise you I will not forget these and for sure will be grounding you-probably until you are like 30 (if I get to keep you )for these shenanigans.

Things purchased for the baby: Because of you-momma got some new bras, tanks tops and a pair of pants so that I can continue to look like the fattest Fitness Director ever without being quite so white trash obscene.

Milestones:  This is our last week in the first trimester, 1 down, only 2 more to worry through!