Far along: Thursday December 29th, 10 weeks.

Food aversions: None yet.

Food indulgences: Just the usual.

Doctors appointments: None.

Most memorable moment: Listening to your heart beat just before I fell asleep on New Years Eve for 2 full minutes!  So far that’s the longest you’ve sat still for me to pick it up!

Most anxious moment: None really, again another week without any bleeding, and armed with my trusty fetal doppler and a LOT of patience, I can always pick up some signs of life on you once a day-which is a MAJOR help in keeping my crazy LuNaTiC tendencies at bay!

Things purchased for the baby: Nothing for you specifically-but BECAUSE of you my boobs are clearly OUT OF CONTROL so it was absolutely time to upgrade all of my bra’s so that I could stop looking obscene.  I also don’t fit into a single pair of my pants-which given that it’s now winter is posing a problem-although I don’t blame all of that on you-most of its from the crazy drugs I’m on to help keep you in there, and the fact that I cant stop shoving food down my yap every few hours so I suspect in my very near future will be some stretchy jeans.

Milestones:  I’m still pregnant and you’re still alive.