Far along: Thursday December 22, 9 weeks.

Food aversions: None yet.

Food indulgences: Just the usual.

Doctors appointments: After a 2 week long dry spell, we finally got another look at you on ultrasound when you were exactly 9 weeks.  So far in our reproductive history this has been the most amazing of all of our ultrasounds.  The tech was extremely thorough (once she was made aware of our history) which got us a whole lot of extra viewing time.  You were finally measuring exactly on track at 9 weeks with a heart rate of 178, and are exactly an inch in length.  Your heart beat is so strong-and you look so perfect, unlike anything we have ever seen.  The tech asked if we knew gender as she was certain that she was picking up some man parts on her scan of you-which of course had us all laughing as it’s not typical to be able to tell gender for 5 more weeks.

We also got to see you for a second time-IN THE SAME WEEK-this time when we met with the MFM doctor in Boston.  Again you were measuring right on track at 9 weeks 5 days, with another increase in your heart beat-now at 183.  The doctor took a nice detailed scan of your brain and neck, where we could see forming midline structures and lots and lots of brain–all while you wiggled about for us.

Most memorable moment: You were so amazingly active on your ultrasounds this week-not only were you moving your little arms and legs, at one point you actually had a full on case of the hiccups and we just watched you in awe.

Most anxious moment: Finally, the least anxious week of this pregnancy so far.  There has been no bleeding this week, I got to see you twice, and I can usually pick up your heart beat if only for a few seconds each evening-this has been the best week ever!

Things purchased for the baby: We now own a fetal doppler, but you are so low down in my pelvis that we only occasionally get to hear your very faint (but crazy fast) heart beat right now.

Milestones: No major milestones this week, just that you’re still alive in there.  That’s pretty big really.

p.s. sorry no photo this week-had a house full of men cramping my photo space!