Far along: Thursday December 15th, 8 weeks.

Food aversions: None yet.

Food indulgences: Just the usual.

Doctors appointments: ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Most memorable moment: None, this week sucked.  For all I know you could have stopped doing anything at all and fallen out at 6 weeks 5 days while I have been going about my life thinking you’re still in there for the last week.  Knowing that I still have 1 more full week before I get proof of life-is seriously almost too much to handle.

Most anxious moment: This entire week.  Apparently your dad says I’m thrashing about and talking in my sleep, all I know is I wake up with vague memories of very bad things.  To top this 14 days of torture off, last night  (12 full days since I last had proof you were alive) I had a wonderful gushing bleed complete with cramping all night.  LOVELY.  Just what your mom needs.  If you make it, and I get to keep you, I believe you  should be forewarned in utero-chances are high you will spend a lot of your first years grounded due to what you have put me through.

Things purchased for the baby: Nothing.

Milestones: None.