Far along: Thursday November 24th, 2011 (Thanksgiving!) 5 weeks

Food aversions: None!

Food indulgences: Everything!  I think I ate myself into a food induced coma this week due to Thanksgiving.  Although I have to admit the roasted acorn squash and turkey were my very favorites this year.

Doctors appointments: Just blood draws to have a look at the levels of hCG you’re making in there.  I won’t lie-wish you would make more and faster!!  If I ever get to meet you, when you are grown and old enough to understand all of this-I will absolutely give you all kinds of grief about this low and slow limbo hell!!

Most memorable moment:Seeing a pregnancy test (that I took!!) with a test line that was darker than the control line!!

Most anxious moment: Bleeding on Friday (5.1 weeks) and spotting all day Saturday (5.2 weeks) while not knowing if you were ok in there.

Things purchased for the baby: Prenatal Vitamins, Dexamethasone and Folic Acid-I waited until I was almost out of all of these things to see if I would still be pregnant before refilling prescriptions.

Milestones: It is week 5 and my pregnancy tests are still getting darker rather than lighter…omg.