After my 5th time being pregnant with a low and slow rising beta that brought me through repeat beta limbo hell while staring at stupid pee sticks wondering if the level was holding, rising or falling based solely on the color of the damn line and all of which ended in miscarriage I stumbled upon this…

“The Detect5 Progressive Pregnancy Test is an exciting (very heart wrenching especially when you are testing positive on the 100hCG strip and expecting a beta over 100hcg- because of this damn test- when you go in for your beta 24hours later only to be told your beta is 49) innovation in home pregnancy testing. By measuring 5 different levels of the pregnancy hormone (hCG) on one test stick, Detect5 provides you with a more complete picture of your hCG status than has ever before been available in a non-clinical setting.”

How is Detect5 different from a “regular” home pregnancy test?

Traditionally, home pregnancy tests (HPTs) have performed one simple, yet important, task: a HPT will tell you if the levels of pregnancy hormone (hCG) in your urine are above or below a single established threshold (typically about 8 hCG). If your level is determined to be above that threshold, a positive result is displayed and you can safely assume that pregnancy has been achieved. For example, a pregnancy test calibrated to detect 8 miu/ml hCG will yield a positive result when hCG levels in the urine exceed the 8 miu/ml level, and it will yield a negative result at levels below that threshold.

In short, a traditional home pregnancy test will tell you if you are pregnant – but nothing more. In the above example, a woman with a urine hCG level of 50 miu/ml will receive the same result as a woman with a urine hCG level of 50,000 miu/ml – two lines on a pregnancy test.

In contrast, the patented Detect5 Pregnancy Test is designed to provide you with a more comprehensive picture of your urine-based pregnancy hormone status. Detect5 actually consists of 5 different pregnancy tests on one test stick, wherein each of the tests is calibrated to a different sensitivity level of the pregnancy hormone, hCG. The five levels tested for with Detect5 are:

25 miu/ml (shows a faint pink but very visible line at 30 hCH):

100 miu/ml (shows a faint pink but very visible line at 30 hCH):

This photo is completely untweaked, straight out of camera.

500 miu/ml (shows a faint pink but very visible line at 400 hCG):

This photo is also untweaked and test was taken 12 hours before beta of 416.5.

2,000 miu/ml

Again-an untweaked photo showing that this test strip absolutely has a second line and thus according to detect5 I am currently at 2000 miu/ml of hCG.  HOWEVER being that not one of their previous levels have been accurate-I am going to guess that I am probably more like 800-1000hcg on my beta test tomorrow.

10,000 miu/ml– I didn’t even bother dipping this level yet based on the barely there line from today’s 2000hcg test.

So there you have it-I am currently 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant, at this point in a normal healthy pregnancy a woman who is my age would have a beta level of roughly 3349 hCG-I am somewhere between 416 and maybe possibly at 2000hCG.

26 more hours.

Pray for no less than 1200hcg so that I can get off this stupid beta watch and finally be allowed to schedule an ultrasound.