You know when the nurse says, “the doctor will call you as soon as he can” that you are in fact in limbo and that most likely it ain’t great.  My hCG levels aren’t high enough to have the general feeling (backed this time by my doctor) that this could actually turn out to be a viable pregnancy after all…but they aren’t low enough to say that it is time to stop the pharmaceutical support either.  I am absolutely in limbo.

We are currently at 165 hCG (a normal healthy pregnancy would be no less than 400 at this point) which is the highest we have ever been since Ava-and finally enough to produce a pee stick that looks like this:

Yes, what you are seeing isn’t a tweaked optical illusion-the test line is finally darker than the control line.   I screwed up though and wasn’t very specific with my wish for a dark positive pregnancy test-I should have specified the day that I needed to have that test by.  Ugh.  I just wish this was 4 days ago.

There is absolutely nothing we can do but wait-and of course our wait is screwed up by the holiday because after 12pm on Wednesday I can’t get beta results until Monday the 28th.  So we wait until next Monday for a repeat beta, or 2 days of pregnancy tests moving in the opposite direction-which ever comes first.