Amazing women, and I mean truly amazing women, battle with infertility.  The type of woman who you can’t help but think “oh my god she is going to be such an incredible mom” struggle to bring home just 1 healthy baby.

Sometimes their journey is just incredibly long and sometimes their journey brings them a pregnancy with a much loved, but very sick little baby that makes them an angelmommy but empty handed on earth-sometimes her journey includes both.

Today, after trying to bring home a baby for over 2 years, one of these amazing woman just had her first IVF egg retrieval.  If you wouldn’t mind, please send some thoughts out in the Universe for Alison.  She is one of those amazing women who needs (and truly deserves) a miracle.  Her journey has been long, she has an angel in heaven and now it is time to finally have one in her arms here on earth.

Alison, I love you.  You are so strong, so hopeful, so amazing!  I hope that 2 weeks from now we are celebrating-and finally crying tears of JOY rather than of frustration, heartbreak and pain.

xoxo to infinity!!