After last nights positive digital pregnancy test, I woke this morning and expected to see a nice pink second line-never thinking for one second that it would be dark-but at the very least a visible to the naked eye pink line not in need of tweaking to be seen in a photo.  Bet you all did too hunh?

Well, I was wrong.  And very, very, very crushed.

This mornings tests is in fact LIGHTER (after a l.o.n.g.e.r urine hold with NO liquid intake) than last nights barely there line test that somehow gave us a positive digital reading with the same urine sample.

This is simply awesome in a real bad way.

And nauseating.

Thousands of dollars more than our last IVF cycle and we don’t even get to see 2 pink lines?


Anyone got an extra 30K in their sofa cushions?