To: Dr. P

From: A woman desperately wanting to get the fuck off this ride already and on to finally being a mother

Re: underwhelmed

Hello Dr. P,

My husband and I have had a chance to talk over our current options given that on day 1 we only have 6 fertilized eggs after ICSI, which to date is the least amount of fertilized embryos we’ve had at this stage.

Using our previous history of 4 embryos (8 cell no fragmentation) out of 9 naturally fertilized eggs on day 3 of our first cycle, and 5 (8 celled no fragmentation) embryos on day 3 out of 8 naturally fertiilzed eggs on our last cycle…

-We are anticipating losing 1-3 embryos by day 3 because they will not have enough cells on day 3 to meet biopsy standards leaving us with no more than 5 but most likely 1-3 biopsy-able embryos.

-We are aware that biopsy of the embryos on day 3 can damage even a healthy embryo causing it to stop growing even though it was chromosomolly sound, so we could very well lose the only chromosomal normal embryo out of bunch leaving us with nothing to transfer even though there was something normal.

-We are concerned that with such a small pool of testable embryo’s (even if by some stroke of luck all 6 make it to no less than 5 cells on day 3) that statistically speaking CGH testing won’t really give us the answers we are looking for.

And thus we are wondering…

-What is the bare minimum number of 5 celled embryos on day 3 that we should have to comfortably move forward with CGH and feel confident that we are getting a statistically significant pool of embryos in which to make decisions based on those results such as the need for surrogate or egg donor?

and now we are wondering would it be wiser for us to abandon both testing and transfer of anything from this IVF cycle and instead…

-Should we biopsy all 5 celled embryos from this IVF cycle on day 3, and then vitrify (and store the biopsy sample) of any that make it to blast stage and then do ANOTHER (GAG!) fresh IVF cycle in January and combine the frozen blasts from this one with the fresh embyos from January’s cycle to increase the total number of CGH testable embryos so that the results from the testing would be more accurate?