This morning after being given the direction for the umpteenth time of “on the table and undress from the waist down”-I was lounging about half naked, covering my lady bits with a large paper towel while waiting for the ultrasound tech to return to get an idea of how many follicles Ive got cooking after 7 days of stimming-when low and behold in walks my Reproductive Endocrinologist dressed like this…

Yup.  Shit you not.  He was fully dressed in the above costume-with the “got eggs?” sign draped around his neck.

Thankfully, Ive got some.  Right now I’ve got 8 follicles between 11mm and 15mm on my right ovary and 4 follicles on my left side between 10mm and 15mm.  I head back there in the morning for another scan and blood work (but mostly just to see if my doc is still dressed as a sperm soliciting me for eggs or if it truly was just a Halloween costume) while keeping my fingers crossed that I might get Wednesday and Thursday off of appointments and an egg retrieval scheduled for Friday.