Two weeks ago Sher Institute for Reproductive Medicine sent two orders to Lizzie’s nursing staff (of which I am still currently an active patient).  The orders were for me to come in on Wednesday 10.19.11 at 7am to have an ultrasound of both ovaries and my uterine lining measured to confirm suppression and a blood draw to get my current estradiol levels.  They also included an order to draw my blood next Thursday 10.27.11 to get an estradiol level.

Lizzie’s team of nurses have honored every order sent for tests and blood work (and there have been numerous) since August, so there was no reason to believe we would have an issue with these 2 very basic monitoring appointments-especially since we hadn’t heard anything back…that is until Friday afternoon 10.14.11.

When Lizzie’s nurse kindly EMAILED both SIRM and me to let us know that they would not honor these orders and perform these base line tests because they seem to be for an IVF cycle and therfor they will not allow me to come in as I am not their patient for this IVF cycle.


That fucking douche has found a way to throw me into crisis mode *yet again* on IVF cycle that isn’t even hers!  OK fine if you don’t want to play nice in the sandbox-but seriously to wait 2 weeks to tell me this isn’t a possibility knowing full well how mother fucking hard its going to be for me to find someone in NH , MA or ME who has the skill set to shove a dildo cam up my v-jay and get these measurements, can draw my blood and get same morning results AND who happens to be able to do so last minute-you fucking bitch.

I. HATE. YOU. and hope you rot in hell.

Fortunately for me-my infertile morning of torture (you can read about here on this post) paid off.  I was able (after 6 hours of scrambling) to get the nurse from my GYN’s office who did my annual v-jay check (because my GYN was on vacation of course) on the phone and reminded her of when she said “please let me know if there is anything we can do to help” and I begged her to help me.

After explaining 4 times what I needed, i *think* she understands, and I now have an appointment at the OB’s office tomorrow for my ultrasound.  Which of course should be SOOOOOOOOO much fun sitting in that waiting room amongst the knocked up ignorantly blissful fertiles.