2 years ago today we made Ava.  I can’t believe it’s been that long.  I can’t believe I still have 2 spare bedrooms.  I can’t believe I still have an empty uterus.

After almost 60 consecutive days of being on birth control pills (minus a 2 day break to have my immune blood draw done back in September), I took my last one this morning.  Hopefully my last one *ever* but believe that’s a stretch.

I’m 5 days into Lupron injections (roughly a quarter of the way there)-and generally speaking am handling it well if the goal is to make me a  walking lethargic, puffy, sweaty headache.  On the upside I get to reduce the Lupron dose starting tomorrow (does that lessen these symptoms????) and as long as the suppression check on Wednesday shows that I have not only been sufficiently forced into early menopause but also have no cysts on my ovaries from my IVF cycle in August, I will start stimulating these ovaries to begin maturing the eggs in 1 week.