I’ve worked at the same place for almost 6 years now.  In my first few months working there I started personal training one of the members.  I trained her twice a week every week for a few months, then started training her 2 daughters and eventually he husband as well.  Within a year of working there she knew all of the ins and outs of my life as I did hers.

She knew of our plans to start trying.  And then I got really busy at work and hired more trainers, one of which was a great match for this woman and her family-which lightened up my schedule while I was newly pregnant with Ava and not telling anyone.  So by the time I lost that pregnancy I was no longer working with her every week.

I still see her every day at the club.  We have never discussed my reproductive issues.  But I suspect it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out there is something wrong with us seeing how we’ve been married so long and my weight has steadily increased over the past 2 years-which is odd for a Fitness Director.

This woman peeked her head in my office last week and asked if I’d seen a recent movie and I had said “no” but I had heard it’s doing well in the box office.  And she looked at me and said “have you read the book?”  I said “no, I haven’t ,is it worth a read??”  She responded “oh yes, and I think you would find some of the characters could be found right here.”

So with my insomnia creeping back lately-I open up my Kindle to see if its one of the thousand books my husband loaded into my reader-and sure enough it is.  I start reading it and immediately have a bad feeling.  But other parts have interested me so I read on.  And then I almost vomit when I get about half way through the book when the woman who clearly was having “secret” issues with fertility miscarries a 5 month pregnancy into a toilet and is bleeding out on the bathroom floor.


Tell me Celia has a happy ending in this book.


Otherwise I am going to be forced to punch this member in the face for ever recommending that I read this while clearly letting me know that there is a character in the book that I will recognize-cause sure as shit there are no black helpers or skeeters or hilly’s at my club.