Hahahahhaha.  No not in that way, I will never give up on that.

I gave up trying to make my cute little 8 compartment pill case work for my current load of vitamins and supplements.  Even after splitting my pills up into morning doses and night doses  giving each dose its own little compartment -I couldn’t get the covers to close (yes I am fully aware its a sad state of affairs when your are 35 and this is your reality).

So for the last couple weeks I was just taking what I needed every morning and every night directly out of the bottles.  Only my memory wasn’t good enough to recall if I took my morning drugs or not because I get up for work at an ungodly hour in the morning so its all a blur.  I should have known better than to even attempt that as my morning ritual after I drive to work is to go directly to the bathroom and do a once over in the mirror to ensure my clothes are on right side out and that  I’ve applied eye makeup to BOTH eyes (don’t ask, just know that it’s for a reason).   Now that I am within a month of egg retrieval-forgetting isn’t an option any more especially since I had supplements added to my regimen that will supposedly help me make better quality eggs while going through an IVF cycle.

And thus I have upgraded to the Cadillac of multi week pill organization…


Sad thing is, I haven’t even added in my IVF oral medications yet.  That’s just the daily vitamins and supplements that are in pill form.