Waiting to get the test results from the immune testing blood draw that was done this morning.

Waiting to see if I will in fact need to have $600 worth of out of pocket intralipid infusions on CD9, and then again (at a tune of $600 every time) if I get a + pregnancy test and then have to pay $1000 out of pocket for DQa testing of me and hubby to see if we are a match-which would mean intralipid infusions every 4 weeks through at least the first 2 trimesters (or until I miscarry).

Waiting for my new clinic to get my CD3 Estorgen and FSH levels so that they can begin to work on my protocol for this IVF cycle.

Waiting to get my medication and appointment calendar for my IVF cycle so that I can see what “magical” protocol and appointment load that my new doctor has prescribed for me.

Waiting for October 31st, which is (CD9) and my first appointment of the week down in NJ that should end in egg retrieval on Friday November 4th,  so that I can feel like this show is finally on the road.

Waiting impatiently for my patience to show up so that I can make it through all of this waiting.