An excerpt taken from Dr. Sher’s Blog:


Why do I keep miscarrying my IVF pregnancies?

 It is possible to experience several failures in a row without necessarily anything having been done wrong. But when this happens it is important to evaluate and address all the disparate variables that can affect egg/embryo “competence” and uterine receptivity before moving to another attempt. Simply stated, the time to stop IVF is when there is no remediable explanation for failure.

The most distressing of all is when patients are encouraged to just simply keep on trying until IVF becomes successful (this is EXACTLY what Lizzie has advised us to do). It is almost unconscionable for doctors to lead patients on in this way. Unfortunately, as an example, due to either arrogance or ignorance, a patient will be told by a doctor that he/she simply does not believe in immunologic factors as being influential in IVF outcome. (OMfingG this is EXACTLY what Lizzie has said to us!!!!!)

My advice in such cases is to respectfully request that the physician describe the workings of implantation immunology and then explain what it is about the concept of immunologic implantation dysfunction that he/she disagrees with. Most will not be able to do so for a simple reason – namely that reproductive immunology is a highly complex subject, possibly being even more complex than ART itself – and most reproductive endocrinologists do not take the time to understand it properly, preferring to present platitudes rather than solutions.

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