Just ugh.

I know if you are here because our journey’s are similar you know exactly what I’m getting ready to vent about.

That couple who you started trying to conceive AFTER you did-way back when.

You feigned happiness for them when they got their big fat positive test on their very first trying cycle and announced it to the world at 8 weeks even though you were actually green with envy.  They go on to bring home that baby (healthy and of course perfect) as you flounder about in grief, heart break and frustration as you suffer multiple losses and trying to get knocked up frustrations in complete silence while dying on the inside as this woman gives you conception advice every time you see her. Seriously?  WTF.  You did one 2 week wait in your whole life, never touched OPK’s and have no idea about Assisted Reproductive Therapies-seriously-what the fuck sage advice do YOU think you can give me??  Asshat.  Of course you don’t say any of that because that would be rude, so you die a little more on the inside while saying-oh yeah great never thought of that.

And then you wait for it-because her first kid is now a year old, you know it’s inevitable-she starts trying for number 2, and just like the first time-nails it on the first trying cycle and again just like the first time-announces to the world at 8 weeks that number 2 is on the way.

This woman started trying 8 cycles after us.

They will have 2 children by March when chances are high I won’t even be knocked up.  Even worse-this is the 3rd couple like this in our lives.