unsuspecting women who over share with the internet and are so ignorantly blissfully (just barely) pregnant they can’t seem to frame a photo of their “bump” or without realizing that they have a ton of distracting SHIT in their background.

Mostly trash.

A lot of real bad home decor.


Clean your house and then take your picture to post up for the world to see you idiot.

p.s. Yes I know this is very bitter of me.

p.p.s. I don’t give a fuck, I’ve had a horrible weekend, I am not pregnant, I have a clean and well appointed house (because I saved my ass off to prepare to have a family before actually trying to get knocked up and YES that makes me better) and I also have great photo framing skills so fuck off if you don’t like this.

This one’s great-you have to click on it so it enlarges to get the full effect-her mirror is covered in spittle and streaks.  Perhaps we can try to market that “effect” to the next version of photoshop-” human spittle toothpaste and floss debris effect.”  I think it will be quite popular.

Trashy-literally is that a bag of trash in the back ground on your bed???? Or are you moving in a hurry? WTF? p.s. How old are you??

I don’t even know where to begin with this one.  The disheveled bed?  The shit ton of junk on the dresser? Or perhaps the sheet for a curtain?

This one I loved because she titled it “after breakfast”  when I think the more appropriate title should be-“instead of cleaning and I have real bad taste in decor.”