After reading shit like this on other women’s blogs…

“I pretty much hit a brick wall. She said that they don’t do that (immune testing-intralipid treatments, steroids and lovenox), there wasn’t enough solid science to back it up, it was the equivalent of “voodoo medicine” and if I was considering that then instead I should go for a full IVF cycle with pregenetic counseling to pick out the best embryos, that chromosomal abnormalities were what caused most miscarriages and there was more science to back up IVF with PGD instead of getting the bloodwork run and taking on “experimental” medicine.”

I am wondering if this woman was sitting in my RE’s office copying down what she said to me verbatim-3 times!!!?  My RE has told me this same shit 3 mother fucking times!!!

I am also now wondering how many other women out there like me, are being told the same fucking bullshit-but only sitting there and not disagreeing with their pompous arrogant asshole of an RE even though every cell in her body is screaming…

“NO!!!!  I just know there is something going on with my body that is killing my healthy babies!!!!!!!”

merely because they stop themselves (or worse-their HUSBAND stops them) by thinking “its ok, who am I to disagree, she’s a doctor, I’m just a patient-she knows best and she really truly cares about me.”

Fucking horse shit.

I wish I had an infertile RE.  And if you are reading this and you are an RE-go fuck yourself and your “experimental medicine, voodoo, not enough science backing immune issues” BULLSHIT.  Shame on you for trying to fleece us (all of us recurrent miscarriage types) of 4K for PGS when you know damn well that our body is going to kill that embryo too.  Only you get to keep my money while I flush another perfect embryo down the toilet, so what do you care?


You don’t.

Fuck the whole lot of you.