And I’m mighty glad I did!!  This cycle isn’t looking like it is “the one.”  Tired of that being the case-but also-when one is so used to failing-it almost doesn’t feel like failing any more.

After bribing the booking nurse at SIRM in New Jersery with a life size edible replica of the Brooklyn Bridge constructed completely out of chocolate (which will only be commissioned upon the time that she can get the Doc to not only say I’m not normal-medically of course-but that he can fix me so that I stop killing my poor babies in utero)-she did 2 very lovely things for me that will help prevent the need for a padded room on Monday…

# 1 lovely thing: She got the Doctor to look over my notes, files and paper work and APPROVED the immediate testing of my blood for my Natural Killer Cell levels (knowing my levels of rage-I’m sure they are quite high) and my Antiphospholipid Antibodies levels-because hold on to your pants boys and girls-GET THIS-he believes I am CORRECT and that there is SOMETHING wrong with me!


Get out!!

Say that again??

Yep.  Test kit should be here tomorrow-I will have my blood drawn on Monday and the results will be in within a couple weeks of the lab in Chicago getting my over nighted samples-so roughly the 30th.

#2 lovely thing: She got my appointment moved up from September 8th to next Friday the 16th.  ooooooh my god…I love her.   I will be able to get copies of this cycles wonderful notes from my clinic on Monday and send them over to him so that he can also do a cycle review of this shitshow BEFORE my actual doctor even has time to see me.

And yes-regardless of 1 or 2 lines or the intensity of 2 lines on a pee stick on Monday I will have the blood draw and still pay a large sum of cash out of pocket to get these tests run ASAP.  No way will I ever believe 2 lines on a pee stick will = healthy take home baby for me.  So continue to plan to fail…always.

Be that as it may-September is a non cycling month for me because my ovaries need to “rest” from the whopping 9 follicles they made last month.  So as usual we’ll hit next month naturally.  With the current plan to do a Gonal F and IUI cycle in Ocotber-for 2 reasons-first we know they work for us (IVF and FET’s have yet to produce so much as a chemical pregnancy for me) and the second being *HOPEFULLY* SIRM can figure out this month or no later than next month what is going on with me-and prescribe a cocktail treatment that can be tested quickly with a stimming IUI cycle.

The only caveat to this plan is if SIRM runs many tests on me and says the same thing Dr Ego said-Brooke you have no issue here and we won’t prescribe you anything-we think you make bad babies.  Then IVF, with ICSI and PGS it is with Dr Ego in October.