As always-I don’t expect to see 2 bright lines on a pee stick this cycle with perfectly doubling betas and a pregnancy that ends at 40 weeks with a healthy baby in  my arms-so I continue to act as if this cycle isn’t it for me.

I’m fed up with my current clinic and thus we decided against having any frozen anything at the end of my cycle (again the other big push for wanting a day 5 transfer) so that I don’t have to have any connection with this place after I show up for my beta on the 17th.  Just to play it safe, and mostly just to look my current RE in the face and tell her I’m not impressed-I have already booked an appointment with her on 8/22 at 8:30am.

I have also booked a phone consultation with a doctor from the Sher Institute on September 8th-with the hopes that they can bump up that time slot to sometime this month.  I have also asked if it would be possible to have the Immunological Workup (another blood draw that is sent to a very specific lab in Chicago that are experts at analyzing for this specific thing) kit sent to me now so that I can have that blood drawn next week and get that ball rolling.  Given my history I’m no dummy-if I don’t have the Immune work up results back before our phone consultation in September here’s how that will go:

“Oh I see, you’ve already done every test under the sun and nothing has come up, you’ve done IUI’s and IVF and FET’s and you’ve lost every pregnancy you’ve ever had-hmmmn, well we’ll send you the testing kit for the Immunologic workup and then make you wait a month in order to get those results back and then set up another appointment to then actually discuss what we think would be your next steps.”

Aside from the Immune workup-I have no idea what other tests or things SIRM would suggest or if eventually I will end up having to go down to either NY or NJ to be seen in person.  My bigtime hope is that the SIRM will find out why my body is killing every implanting embryo using the Immune Workup and then be able to treat me or prescribe the drugs for me that I will need to help keep me pregnant while an RE of my choosing up here will get me pregnant.  My secondary hope is that they can at least rule out any type of Immune Issue as the cause of my losses-so that we can focus on the only other factor-lousy egg quality=PGS or donor eggs.  As horrible as it sounds-it’s a win/win really-I will either finally be diagnosed and then treated for Immune/Blood issues or by process of elimination we find that the last thing left on the table that is responsible for the losses is that we make bad babies.  Either way, we finally know.  And well, as GI Joe said-knowing is half the battle.

In a perfect world, SIRM will diagnose me and treat me by October so that I will stop killing implanting babies, and then I can stay where I am (or switch to Dr Ego to start new) and do a Gonal F and IUI cycle with Fabulous nurse (all IUI’s are done by and monitored by the nurses so I wouldn’t have to interface with if Dr. G or go to BWH) and since I have full control over how much I inject-I can adjust if she is a dumbass and is understimming me yet again.  And since IUI’s are fully covered by my insurance, the only cost we would have to cycle would be for intralipd IV infusions  if I needed them ($300-$500) as the other immune therapy drugs (Lovenox and Steriods) are all covered by my insurance.

So that’s the plan stan.