I bit the bullet and decided to try (and waste money??) on acupuncture to help with the awful headaches I get due to the estrogen/progesterone combo I am on, the ridiculous amount of stress I am under because I am being forced to be my own doctor while giving someone else my money to have the official title and mostly to help quiet my rage.  Oh man do I have a lot of rage up in here.

I’ve seen her all this week, and so far I’m not noticing much of a difference on anything but the headaches which have dropped down from 8’s to 3.  I think I like the way a facial feels more and I know for sure I loved the reflexology appointment Christine hooked me up with way better-but who wouldn’t love having 90 minutes of non stop foot rubbing???  I decided I would continue this through to the post transfer treatment and then invest this money on things that make me feel lovely rather than being poked with more needles.  For the same amount of money for 30 minutes of poking I could get 2 pedicures-and oh my god do those feel wonderful.  Or an hour massage-also very wonderful!!


Supposedly we will have *something* to transfer tomorrow morning.  Although no one could tell us what has happened to our potential off spring over the past 24 hours (why is beyond me and something that is on my not impressed with Lizzie list for our meeting on 8/22) they seemed rather confident that there would be a transfer as they put me in for the first appointment (no shocker there really-my guess is the sooner they get these embryo/blasts off their hands the happier they will be).  When I pressed the secretary for  info on who to contact at 6am -before I get in my car and drive an hour one way -to confirm we have something to transfer-she put me on hold and when she returned she said she spoke with the embryologist about my concern of having nothing and she said “tell her there will be a transfer.”  So I am fully expecting to arrive tomorrow and have them transfer some junk to my uterus, maybe some shredded documents, or recycled cans or some arrested embryos-who knows really.  So that’s all I’ve got.

Stay tuned for what I am sure will be Brooke losing her shit yet again.