As of 9am today (roughly 66 hours after fertilization) we currently have:

A 9 cell embryo with a tiny bit of fragmentation

An 8 cell embryo no fragmentation

Another 8 cell embryo no fragmentation

A 6 cell embryo no fragmentation

Another 6 cell embryo no fragmentation

A 5 cell embryo

and a 4 cell embryo

After a healthy exchange of ideas between me and the on call Reproductive Endocrinologist (because Lizzie is on vacation this week) who was calling to convince me to change my mind and show up for transfer today at 2:45pm-my opinion was finally heard and the embryologist will now be attempting to grow these 7 embryos out for 48-54 more hours in the hopes that we will have at least 1 expanded blast to transfer on Saturday.  Which was my plan all along-it’s rather sad that it took them 40 some odd days to finally get in line.  Due to the amount of fight this took-I also have absolutely no faith in the cultivating to day 5 skills of the embryologist team here-because it appears that no one is ever fucking allowed to do it at this practice which mean they have little experience.

And thus we are totally prepared for a call on Saturday morning to tell us that transfer has been canceled because they killed them all.