Yesterday we got 44 million, 100% motility post wash sperm:

And 9 mature eggs:

Who spent the night together in an orgy of epic proportions-like 4.8 million to 1 looking something like this:

And now we currently have 7 of these 1 celled embryos (the 2 dots in the middle one dot is my genetic material the other dot is my hubbies) to show for it:

We are currently holding our breath for 24 hours and hoping that we get a call tomorrow stating that we have no less than 4 of these:

So that I can avoid one of these with my Reproductive Endocrinologist because I will flat out refuse to do a 3 day transfer:

And WHEN I’m victorious over that douche canoe because no one should argue with a woman who is hopped up on progesterone, steriods and estrogen after you completely under stimulated her for a cycle and thus had to cancel her PGS…our embryos will follow this time line:

If we have anything survive to Day 5, transfer will be sometime Saturday-and because they are 5 day blasts, they go in already hatched and will begin implanting process within 12- 24 hours of transfer so by Tuesday 8.9 those pee sticks should start showing *something* if this cycle is going to bring us a healthy sticky pregnancy.