And this weeks winner of the most entertaining phrase typed into a search engine that brought them to my blog is …

“what all can fit up in a uterus?”

I know for sure ultrasound techs like to point out an empty uterus on the screen and tell you “that this is where the baby will be if you get pregnant.”  As if we are too stupid to have figured that out and had been storing (or had big plans to store) other things in there instead??? 

At first I thought perhaps its me-and I look like I’m slow on the uptake-but no, I know of 2 other women who have had an ultrasound tech tell them the same exact thing.  One of those women, as soon as the tech informed her of how its *supposed* to be, went home and removed the martini glasses and vodka bottle she had been storing up in her uterus and now has a lovely little baby girl. 

 Thank goodness for these super smart techs!