WordPress allows you the ability to see stats pertaining to your blog-I suppose to help you if you are interested in increasing your traffic.  However, I tend to use the stats for my amusement as you never know what someone typed into the google search engine that brought them to your blog-it is usually pretty straight forward stuff but today-not so much.

Today some one googled:

“crabian pregnancy fucking”

and then they thought out of what was listed in their search que that my blog was what they were looking for.

Now I am left to wonder am I missing something? I haven’t tried this crabian pregnancy fucking in order to conceive so perhaps this could be exactly why I am still not pregnant?

So of course I googled this crabian pregnancy fucking myself to see if it indeed is the missing link to my fertility woes-and sadly I believe it was just an idiot who couldn’t figure out how to spell Caribbean.  Although I also googled Caribbean Pregnancy Fucking-only that was exactly what one would think it is-a bunch o people f’ing on vacation porn.

I was not enlightened.

So go ahead and stay away from that.