…so what does this mean?


Now what??

While I would like nothing more than to just spit out some eggs from my vjay, fertilize them and then transfer them back to a uterus that won’t kill them, that isn’t really an option right now for a few different reasons…

1. Unfortunately, the woman who offered to attempt to carry a baby for us is a direct report of my husband’s at work and since he needs to maintain his job so that we can pay our mortgage and support any child that is born into our family, and we would prefer that she maintain her job at work as well-we are going to have to figure out if their place of employment will actually allow this weird form of nepotism to occur without anyone being sacked.

2. If no one will get sacked and we have HR’s approval to proceed, our gestational carrier needs to have a whole slew of tests done (as well as her husband) to see if she is in fact healthy enough to be allowed carry our child.

3. If she is cleared to become our Gestational Carrier, then we need to figure out where we are going to come up with the 10-20K it will cost to get her through all of the legalities, medical tests and procedures-and since I just blew my entire baby savings fund on our roof-this could be more tricky than one would think.

My husband has until July 23rd to figure out at work if this GC thing is even possible, and if his work is amenable then we will meet with our RE on Monday July 25th to see how we would proceed.

In the meanwhile, since I’m supposedly “normal” and there is nothing wrong with me (hahahahahhahahahhahahhahhaha) we will continue on our shit show that is our journey to becoming parents with another round of IVF, which if we can successfully get through it, have eggs that fertilize, and embryos or blasts to transfer back to my uterus of death, we will know if it’s successful or not by the first week in August.

My doc has suggested a protocol that I have never heard of based on how many high quality embryos we made back in October without any suppression-so instead of crushing my body with lupron-I will only have to take birth control pills for 2 weeks prior to beginning the (roughly) 10 days of shots to grow a butt load of eggs.  She believes the 14 days of birth control will be plenty enough to supress my pituitary so that my body doesn’t create an LH surge before my eggs are ready for retrieval.  Based on how I did last time, I think I agree with that completely.

So when my period shows up (I expect the bitch somewhere around 7/2), I will begin this time line…