Hahahah.  I know some of you crazies read that title and thought I was 6 weeks pregnant!  Hahahahahahahahahaha.


It has been 6 weeks since I finally tested negative for pregnancy from my miscarriage, 7 weeks of actual waiting if you count from the point that I knew I was going to miscarry-which BTW is one long ass fucking time to sit around and just wait (with everything canceled and all planning -fertility, vacations, EVERYTHING on hold) to have the blood draw for the Recurrent Pregnancy Loss tests.

And now what?

I’ll bet you’ll never guess.

Ok, maybe you will.



No less than 2 more weeks until I will have the results back from the pint of blood taken out of me today.

4th of July-not only will we be celebrating independence-but also the end of this bullshit waiting.  However, rather than from the cabin in the Adirondacks that we had planned, from our house which is 10 minutes from the clinic so that we can begin immediately with our next fertility treatment cycle.