Yet again, another stupid stinking mother lovin test (albeit quite a bit more painful that any of the others-in my opinion worse than the HSG) that a doc then tells me after with such enthusiasm-“Great, everything looks normal!”

However all I hear is  “Still no explanation as to why you keep killing your babies in utero, so good luck with that dream of yours cause it ain’t gonna happen.”

Yup, real “great”.

Please forgive me if I don’t hop right up off this table while spewing bloody saline solution out my vagine onto the tile floor and do some cartwheels and happy dance over this news.

All today’s fun time proved was that for sure the 3 fibroids aren’t growing inside my uterus-they are in deed embedded in the walls (prime real estate location for causing no less than 60% of my implanting babies to miscarry), which means ain’t a damn mother loving ass thing we can do about them.

And it also has me even more certain that the tests I’ve been waiting 6 weeks to take are also going to show that I’m abso fucking lutely normal on those as well.

And then there is nothing.  No more tests left ladies and gentleman.

I wonder if I’m so fricking “normal” with so many heartbreaking pregnancy outcomes-then what in the hell are the women who just look at a penis and get pregnant?


Fuck my life!!!!!!


Now excuse me, I have to go log into facebook and see who else has a newborn, or another pic of their cute kid doing something cute.