After some research on this topic…I’m beginning to wonder if the 3 small fibroids I have (that so far every doc has claimed are a non issue  and not responsible for any of my losses) and that the doctor claimed he didn’t see inside my uterus during the hysteroscopy in November (and yet show up every time on an ultrasound which means he’s either blind or they are embedded in the walls of my uterus not the interior) have anything to do with all these miscarriages????

Early results from a pioneering study at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill indicate that small uterine fibroids are associated with an increased risk of miscarriage.

Fibroids are common benign muscle tumors of the uterus and are estimated to affect more than one in five women of reproductive age. But little is known about the influence of these growths on pregnancy outcomes, including miscarriage so a recent study was conducted.

Fibroids were diagnosed in 170 women out of 1600 who were actively trying to conceive .  The study was done on the 170 women with results showing that “women with fibroids have a 55 percent increased risk of pregnancy loss, and smaller fibroids are significantly more associated with having a miscarriage than larger ones (excellent all three of mine are labeled “small”). Moreover, it appears that presence of fibroids is uniformly associated with miscarriage throughout early pregnancy.”

“Fibroids can cause peri implantation loss because the fertilized ovum is interrupted by the presence of a submucosal fibroid (one which forms just under the lining of the womb-I believe I must have at least 3 of these since we can’t see them from inside UOD).  It is also possible for a submucosal fibroid to distort the natural shape of the uterine cavity, making implantation fail.  Indeed, in some ladies, this is at last discovered to be the reason for “unexplained infertility”.

It is because I’m sick and tired of being told things are ” no big deal”, only to find out after much more heartbreak and MANY wasted months of my life that “woops-I guess it kind of is a big deal” that I demanded yet another hysteroscopy-this time with less haste and absolutely no ripping up of any scar tissue with the god damned camera.

As soon cycle day 1 shows up (expect it any day now) I’ll be scheduling that fun procedure.  While three small fibroids might not alone be causing all of this, maybe it is a combination of small fibroids, a re-growth of cervical scar tissue mixed in with possibly a blood issue that  I will be tested for on the 16th called MTHFR (a blood based disease which can cause a women to experience RECURRENT MISCARRIAGES, and pregnancies with NEURAL TUBE DEFECTS!!! ACKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) that could be the trifecta fucking me over for the past 30 months???

My only hope is that something is found, and that that something is correctable, and in the end if I finally do give birth to my first healthy take home baby after finding out I have been foiled by one of the above things…I will schedule appointments with every single doctor (who has told me  over the past 2 years that these things are non-issues) to have the personal pleasure of sitting down in front of their damn smug faces merely to say- “I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO YOU POMPOUS ASS!” and then get up and leave.  I will also take the time to leave detailed reviews of them all over healthgrades and mds to boot.  I will want revenge.