Definition:  utterly astonished; astounded

Etymology:  As if smacked (“hit”) in the gob (“mouth (Irish / Scottish gaelic)”).

We are absolutely Gobsmacked.

There is no other word in any language that could possibly describe how we are both feeling right now better than this one.

We have a back up plan that has done two very insane things that I never thought possible at this stage of the game…

1. Remove the sinking feeling that had set in that we will never be able to create a baby that is half me and half my husband that will come home alive and healthy.

2. That we actually have HOPE of becoming parents in the future to our genetic offspring.

We have found a surrogate who is ready as soon as we are!  Not only that, she is 27 years old and has left the offer open ended so that if we want to keep on trying on our own for a bit-that’s okay as well.  AND she is willing to do it multiple times (if need be) to help us complete our family.

Gobsmacked we are.

I wonder if trying on our own knowing that we have this little gem in our back pocket might not be nearly as heart wrenching as it has been for us over the past 29 months?

I suspect the answer to that is you bet your ass.