This mornings pee stick was in fact darker than yesterdays.

However, no way is it anywhere near the darkness of a pregnancy test that a woman who has a healthy baby in her uterus at 20 days past ovulation would produce.

I am still bleeding bright red, and other goodies out my vjay.

And when I discussed the details of the past 5 days with the doctors office their sage advice was “We are rather concerned that this could be an ecoptic pregnancy.  Please go to the Emergency Room immediately if you have any pain localized on one side or the other of your lower abdomen, or if there is radiating pain up your trunk or down your leg any time over the next 24 hours and we will see you at 8am tomorrow morning for blood work.”

Yaaaayyyy.  4 pregnancies=0 babies, and possibly an emergency surgery and only 1 fallopian tube left for the remaining of my reproductive years.

Can it get any better?

Don’t you dare tell me its gods plan, what’s meant to be will be or that it will happen you just know it.  I will punch you.