Those were the orders from my doctor for today!


One of my eggs is mature so…it’s go time.  Unfortunately the original plan of 3-5 follicles has been scrapped.  There will be  only 1 egg this cycle which means statistically speaking, I have about an 85% chance of still being not pregnant in 2 weeks and instead will be beginning the process of ramping up for IVF #2.

I will be administering an hCG injection tonight that will force my 1 lonely follicle to pop its egg out, but also cause home pregnancy tests to be falsely positive for 10 days too.  As with this cycle, I will track the amount of remaining hCG in my system daily by taking a home pregnancy test while hoping this time it ends very different than all the other times.

I selectively neglected to tell anyone at the clinic that I will be away on vacation on Monday the 25th so I won’t be able to come in (as their ridiculous protocol mandates) for a blood pregnancy on that monday (which is 2 weeks after ovulation). Figured I would wait until the IUI is complete and then tell them they can either see me at 12 days past ovulation for a blood test or they will have to wait until the 2nd.