The good news is-I now have 2 follicles cooking (one on each side), the bad news is -I had that hack of nurse for my blood draw AGAIN making not one bruise but 2.

The good news is-I might not have to go back in until Saturday morning for another scan and blood draw so I won’t have to cancel 3 clients and be stuck in 2 hours of commuting traffic to Boston tomorrow in order to have another stick up in my cooter and another lovely bruise, the bad news is I won’t know for sure until this afternoon when they call me to tell me what my blood levels are and confirm the next appointment for Friday or Saturday.

The good news is right now, it looks like everything is on track.  The bad news is, it always looks on track until it’s not-and well I always tend to end in the “not.”


The GREAT news-

And it turns out that the blood work is perfect so far, so I get tomorrow off and will return on Saturday morning at 7:30am for another ultrasound and blood work and *hopefully* we will find 2 eggs that are ready to go for an IUI on Monday morning.

So until then-keeping the fingers crossed, and the legs open 😉