14 months ago I would have thought “my people” would only exist on the other side of my computer screen.  On the upside-there was instant access to my people when ever I needed them.  These people never needed long explanations and details to be brought up to speed and get the response I was looking for-they just knew what to say, how to react and made me feel like I wasn’t the freak show that I felt like in my real life.

Just as in real life, even though you have something in common with a group of people-there are some in that group who you click with just a little more than others.  There are a handful of women who I interact with on a daily basis, in a combination of ways (online support groups, text message, emails, phone calls, skype)-who have become closer to me than any other friend I have at work or home.

I have talked of Christine on here before, and how lucky I feel to have such an incredible woman in my life and more importantly to call my friend.  I have struggled over the past year to try to make sense of of all this pain and heart break, hoping that there is some “reason” or something positive to come out of all this shit to help justify it-so far the only answer I have is Christine.

Without ever creating my angel Ava, and her angel Lucas-we simply would have never crossed paths.  Our angels individually crushed us and broke our hearts unlike anything either of us had experienced before, but our angels brought us together-making us more strong than one could ever think possible.

I do believe we are destined to meet specific people in life.  I also feel that somehow, these specific people speak to a part of my soul as if  we have had many long conversations over multiple life times.  I view our friendship as a phoenix rising out of the fiery devastation that was left behind.

This past weekend I had the honor of spending it with Christine and 2 other women (Alison and Jennie) who I  also met through the online support group and whose angels also brought us together.   We made wishes, honored our angels and just enjoyed living for a day as a bunch of women just being normal.  It was such a pleasure to have 3 of “my people” all under one roof that I’m not sure I could ever find the words to describe what it felt like…so instead I will use photos.