Trying to save a little money I decided to find a new place for my haircuts.  I booked an appointment with a place right around the corner from my house.

While I bet you think I ended crying because of bad haircut-you would be wrong if that was your assumption.  In addition to the 19 year old girl who was 6 months pregnant sitting in a chair right next to me-just hanging out because she had nothing better to do while her mom got a pedicure…

Hair cutting lady (H): So nice to meet you!

Me (M):  Thank you, likewise.

(H): So do you live around here?

(M): Yup sure do.

(H): You must have kids huh?  (Where I live is rural and quiet, 30 somethings are not typical here unless you have a family).

(M): Uh, No.  (Already choking back the tears because I know where this is going and I can’t do a damn thing to stop it).

(H): Oh, but you want kids, right?

(M): Yes, as much as you want to breathe.  (still not crying but my throat is tightening and I’m losing the battle of swallowing back the tears)

(H): I understand, it’s just not the right time hunh?

(M): (Grown woman begins crying in public)