Did you start taking any pharmaceuticals?

What did your team (hahahaha) of doctors suggest?

Are they working?

Any negative side effects?

I think that about sums about the myriad of emails I have had over the past few weeks.  So to answer in short…


prozac 20mg

sort of


I am only 3 weeks into the prescription, and only the second full week at 20mg-I was started at 10mg then bumped up after the first week.  It really wasn’t until this past weekend that I felt any different-and by that I mean when I was doing something enjoyable-I actually had feelings of enjoyment instead of doing something that should be enjoyable while in the back of my mind knowing that I was only going through the paces and totally faking it while thinking about how miserable I was.

So in that sense, yes, i can feel a difference.  Do they help me not want to crawl under my desk when the parade of preggos show up to work out in here daily?  Absolutely not.  Does the thought of being in a room with infants still bring me to the verge of hives?  Absolutely.  Am I already worrying about how I am going to handle being not pregnant again this cycle?  You betcha.

I’m no doc or authority on this stuff, but it seems that the prozac is working on the general bummed out type of stuff and serious lethargy-but not at all on the post traumatic stress disorder triggers.  I get so jealous of the preggos it feels as if I could take every prozac pill ever manufactured since the beginning of time and it would do nothing to cut that pain/jealousy/sadness/rage feeling.

I had a follow up last week and told her the above, so she wants to see me on Monday-since that is when I will be at my most miserable state in my cycle and we can assess if an additional fast acting short lived drug needs to be added into the mix to help with the the horridness of a failed cycle.  As I am sure you all know by now…the last few days of  each cyle when I am testing negative, the arrival of yet another unwanted period and the first week of a new cycle = my hell on earth.  On the upside during my hell on earth-I am clearly not with child so taking something a little more aggressive to manage that is actually possible.

As for the side effects-well lets just say I can deal with it.