There seems to be quite a few questions as to what fertility wise I am up to now that I have explained my absence on here lately.  This is it, this is our last cycle of attempting to knock ourselves up without the help of drugs or advanced fertility measures.

If we fail this month-next month (April) I will try a cycle of injectable FSH and an IUI and if that too is a fail, the beginning of May I will begin the 6-8 week process to get ready for IVF #2.  The rough guesstimate would be egg retrieval the second week of June, the embryos this time will be cultured for 5 days (instead of 3 like last time) and we’ll know by the end of June if my shit’s knocked up.

Staying true to the “Plan” I have taken the last week of April off to deal with a medicated fail for that cycle and also celebrate our second year as a married couple.  I have also taken the first week of July off to deal with the horridness of an IVF cycle FAIL as well as celebrate my husbands birthday.  Depending on how much of a hot mess I am-I have tentatively booked off the first 2 weeks in July to get my shit back together again.

So this is it-our last chance to do it on our own (the easy and cheap way) until July.

Did you hear that Uohdee?

Get your shit together you useless pouch of death.