So a couple posts ago I spoke of my half baked quasi Epiphany, and even mentioned I might be under my bed whilst I try to figure out the key missing component to the Epiphany…

The Plan.

I needed a plan.  Using my actual reproductive history of failing to achieve my insanely important goal over a long period of time in which to devise said Plan, here’s what I have come up with.

The “Plan” is going to cover 12 months.

The new “Plan” will be constructed in the 11th month of each current Plan.

There will be no more than 5 Plans( A-E) before I move onto Brooke version 2.0 (the Brooke who won’t be a mom-we’ll cover that when we are in Plan D).


Plan A (1.1.11-12.31.11)

☑ Explore the use of pharmaceuticals in order to reestablish a brain chemistry that is conducive to living.

☑ Wake up each morning with the assumption that you are not pregnant, regardless of the cycle day you are on.

☑ Alter absolutely nothing about your food intake, use of basic over the counter drugs or ingestion of beverages that contain alcohol regardless of the cycle day you are on until you see 2 lines.

☐ Do everything in my power each cycle to ensure that we have the best chance of being pregnant.

☐ Plan for chunks of time off of work as mental health rest areas throughout the length of the Plan, being certain to include enough time at the end of an assisted cycle to deal with a FAIL.


So that’s the “Plan” Stan.

I’m gonna take the Golden plAN and put it in the tAN vAN and give it to dAN who will take it to frAN and let’s hope that in the end, I don’t wish I had rAN.