Every time you have a procedure, Brigham sends you an evaluation form in the mail to see how I thought they did.  Typically by the time I get them I have had something horrid done to me that involves  bad news about a baby, losing a baby or being highly medicated in hopes of making a baby only to not make a baby.  So rather than open this shit when it arrives in my rage-I just take it and burn it.

Not this time.  I might even ask for the form in person this week.

Its on

Its off.

Its on.

Its off.

Its on.

Its off.

Its on.

Its off.

Its on, but there’s a Nor’easter though.

Its off.

Ok-it might be back on.


Seriously that is how any times this ridiculous natural cycle Frozen Embryo Transfer has been canceled and then un-canceled.  We chose a natural cycle to AVOID stress and drugs, my doctor thought maybe that would be the winning combo to hopefully increase my chances of conception-HA! Hhahahahaaaa!!


I’ll come back when I have a minute to actually decompress and really rage write out the shenanigans that have been the past 4 days of my life…

But to summarize

*I was RIGHT (big shocker) I had not ovulated, or had just ovulated  by Sunday’s 7am blood draw that she supposedly scheduled 24-48 hours after ovulation (even though I told her that’s not how it works) which was why my progesterone was 2.7.

*Monday’s progesterone test (24-36 hours after I actually ovulated) came back at 5.6 when I needed to be between 4.0-5.0 but no lower than 3.2  I’m not shocked, they seemed like it though.

*My transfer has been tentatively scheduled for tomorrow-Wednesday 1.12.11 at 11:30am-however that means I need to have the following things work in my favor before then…

1. I must not die (have to cover my bases, one can never take anything for granted at this point)

2. Have embryos that survive the thaw

3. Get to the hospital using public transportation in a Nor’easter (Not opposed to hoofing it the 3 miles and have brought my snow gear just in case-but I have been informed that this back up plan is not an appropriate form of transportation back to the apartment after a transfer-so I’ll figure out a back up to my back up before then).

4.Win the battle with the nurse scheduler who at 2pm today demanded that my husband be there (in person at the hospital with me)  in order to move forward with thawing and transfer the embryos to my uterus tomorrow.  He will do no such thing, as such we have spent the last 2 hours on the phone and scrambling last-minute to fill out the retarded paperwork the state of Massachusetts has in regards to the legalities, up here in the New Hampshire clinic (and notarized) and then faxed to the hospital in Boston.

So here I sit- in New Hampshire till I get the phone call from Shaqueefah (I hope to one day have time to come back and discuss the thought process some parents go through to arrive at such impressive names) in Boston confirming she has my paper work that was faxed over an hour ago and that we are, actually, possibly, maybe, potentially ON before driving down to Boston tonight.

And again-I wait.